Kumusta mga CaAga?

We are the Baranda family, and we welcome you to our quiet corner of comfort in Silang, Cavite. Here at Cafe Agapita, we marry the joy of good food with the warmth of family.  Experience nostalgia in every bite of our dishes and pastries, and in every sip of our coffees and teas. This all sprouted from the humble aspiration to serve and accommodate others. Kuya Gian left his days of crew ship baking to start our cafe with Tatay Ahmot, who happened to have an event space situated in a breathtaking locale. This venture developed into the perfect recipe for home-y dining and reminiscing times. Our Lola “Pitang” Agapita used to always check in on us by her window—a heartfelt image reflected in our emblem. She has given us much love over the years, which we now extend to you. We open our doors and welcome you into our home with big smiles and open arms.

Agapita [ˈɑːgəpiːtə]


A beautiful name that transcribes to beloved.

The love and joy of the family

We treat every guest like family, welcoming them with big smiles and open arms.

Exquisite pastries and dishes

Made with the utmost care and respect for Lola Agapita’s original recipes.

A refreshing, cozy ambiance

Make Cafe Agapita your next escape from life’s hustle and bustle.

High quality, locally-sourced coffee

Enjoy the best Silang has to offer. Icons